Simple and suitable for any budget. Start with a small user base and expand as your business grows.



For up to 5 processes. Unlimited users. Quickest and easiest way to try Workanizers.




Free for unlimited users.

Unlimited users

Up to 5 business processes

In the Processor & Tasker tool,
a maximum of 5 business processes can be
inputted with unlimited tasks.

All other functionalities

All 15 tools included

Full version of how-to guides

Limited PRO support

Limited PRO support
included free for 3 months.

25 GB of disk space

15 months of back-up


For businesses that want to be well organized and productive.




Per active user, per month billed monthly.

Unlimited users

Only active users are charged.

See the FAQ below for
the definition of an active user.

Unlimited functionalities

All 15 tools included

Full version of how-to guides

Full PRO support

25 GB of disk space

Disk space can be expanded
 upon request.

15 months of back-up

Discounts automatically applied for Business plan:

Over 100 active users ….. 5%
Over 250 active users ….. 10%
Over 500 active users ….. 20%

Every month, our software automatically applies any applicable discounts.

Initial setup

Twenty hours of Expert assistance in initial setup.



One-time payment

Our team of experts can assist with setting up and creating an efficient organizational infrastructure. This support can significantly accelerate the path to achieving a successful outcome.


User is defined by the email entered in the "Settings" section. The person who logs into the software with that email has the rights to use the software.

Individual users can be declared active or inactive in the "Settings" section as well. Active users can use the app and inactive users cannot.

For example, if the company requires 50 users in one month, but the next only 30. We can declare 20 users inactive and thus avoid paying the monthly per-user rates.

This convenient feature is often used when employees go on vacation, or fall sick; we can declare them inactive during that period.

Another example is when exhibiting at trade shows, during which time we may need an increased number of active users to ensure the smooth operations.

This feature can also be used when using freelancers that work only temporarily.

In this way, additional users are simply declared inactive until the time when we need them again, without burdening the budgets with unnecessary per-user fees.

This also allows for pre-entering all anticipated users into the system, and declaring them inactive until needed.

An active user is billed per day. This means that if it was active for example, for 8 days in a particular month, the subscription is pro-rated for only those 8 days.

Note: The moment user is activated, the software will register them as active for that whole day, independently on the duration.

At the level of the calendar month, the average number of all active users is calculated taking into account the number of days each user was active.

The price of our software is intentionally set low to enable its widespread use within enterprises, allowing nearly all employees to use it without burdening the company's budget.

Try Workanizers first with a free, fully functional account. Click on "Get FREE Workanizers" and enter your email. An account will be created for you, and you'll receive a password along with instructions on how to log in via email. This allows you to explore and use Workanizers at no cost.

To upgrade to the Business plan, simply confirm your choice via email.

You can select payment in Euro (€). The amount will be automatically converted from US Dollars to Euros when the invoice is issued.

The subscription is intended for B2B users only. The monthly subscription amount is flexible, as it reflects your current needs/usage. (See questions: What is an active user? and How is the price calculated when we change the number of active users during the month?)

That is why the subscription is calculated and invoiced every month. The billing period always refers to one calendar month. The invoice is issued on the 1st of the month and billed for the usage in the previous month. The invoice does not contain VAT and it is not charged.

The invoice is sent exclusively via email. You can pay the invoice by PayPal: (PayPal also offers an option of paying by credit cards.)

To cancel a subscription, it is enough for your administrator to send an e-mail requesting to cancel the subscription the following month.

The email should be sent from the administrator's officially registered email to And that is it; we will cancel your subscription at the end of the current billing period.

Organizational Infrastructure

Organizational infrastructure represents the first half of your Management System. We use it as an infrastructure for the company’s daily operations.

Organizational infrastructure is comparable to a city’s extensive network of streets, squares, bridges, tunnels, signage, road markings, traffic lights, and driving regulations. Just as a city’s efficient traffic flow relies on well-designed and maintained infrastructure, smooth business operations depend on a robust organizational infrastructure.

Workanizers identify 7 core functions of organizational infrastructure and provide an initial structure, specialized tools and a blueprint to set it up.

  1. Business Model
  2. Goals
  3. Organizational Model
  4. Processes and Procedures
  5. Management Team
  6. Workforce Alignment
  7. Plans & Reports

In the first step, you will establish your own special organizational infrastructure.

Slash Work Time by 30%

Workanizers can help streamline your workflow, making it easier to manage and achieve your business goals more efficiently. 

However, you can be more ambitious and organize your work in such a way as to reduce the time required to complete work tasks by 30%. This will result in significant savings in terms of both money and resources. You can then allocate these savings towards business expansion or use them to reduce tension and consolidate your operations. Give it a try, and rely on us to guide you in achieving that success.

6-Week Program to Achieve Effortless Management

We have a six-week Program for you to utilize Workanizers’ organizational tools to help you set up and run your Management System.

It is intended for self-use, but dedicated coaching support is also available.

Follow the Program, and in six weeks, you will step into effortless managing.

We Can Guarantee Success

Phrases such as “effortless management,” “workflows glide smoothly and management feels like a breeze,” or “effortless workflows” are not just empty marketing slogans. 

We can assure you that these outcomes are achievable. Simply follow our six-week program, be patient, and persist a little. Utilize our support when needed, and we guarantee success.

What Sets Workanizers Apart?

Workanizers tools are an excellent choice for addressing business organizational and managerial problems.

  • Partial vs. Comprehensive Organizational Solution: Most solutions on the market offer mere task/project management software and other partial solutions for organizing business. That’s just not enough. Business must be organized comprehensively. It is impossible otherwise. Workanizers offers comprehensive organizational solutions.
  • All-In-One Solution: With Workanizers, you benefit from a ready-made organizational framework, eliminating the need to start from scratch. It also includes 15 specialized tools, as well as how-to instructions that guide you through building and applying an efficient Management System.
  • High-level Support: Workanizers offers support that goes a step further. You can get assistance in setting up your management system, or experts can build it entirely for you.
  • Unique solutions: In Workanizers, you will find some unique solutions for organizing work. “Hub concept” of how to simplify the net of core processes. “TaskPack” is a way of grouping tasks so you can manage hundreds instead of thousands of tasks. “Problem Box” is an algorithm for quickly finding the causes of problems and solving them permanently without the need for disturbing meetings. “Dependencies” automatically creates a diagram of all the connected tasks in your entire business.
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