About Us

30% of businesses fail in the first or second year of existence.

50% of businesses fail in the first 5 years.

70% of businesses fail in 10 years.

And that’s not the end.


These are significant losses, not only for the founders but for the entire society. Many excellent business ideas, products, and services, as well as jobs, are lost.

The mission of Workanizers is to reduce that loss by developing and providing an automated system for organization, management, and control that SMEs can use to launch and expand their businesses while avoiding common blunders and reasons of failure.

As an entrepreneur or manager, you must avoid allowing minor organizational issues to bog you down on a daily basis and instead concentrate on your strengths. Be creative. Be inventive. Make your concepts a reality. Profit from market opportunities. Increase the size of your business. Make money.

We operate as a network of small businesses and individuals spread across several countries, each with a specific area of expertise. Research and development of SME company organization and management methodologies; software development; software market placement; assistance in the successful adoption of SME company software and methods.

Our next steps will be to improve the software as a methodology backup, as well as to incorporate AI and LC sensor technology into the daily operations of SMEs.