Workanizers is a comprehensive management and organization software that assists in the resolution of a wide range of large and small business problems.

In an average medium-sized company, dozens of jobs are performed at the same time through hundreds of interdependent tasks. It is not unusual to feel overwhelmed, as if events are getting out of control. A modernized management approach is clearly required.

Workanizers aims to provide us with an organization that will not hold us back and at the same time, accelerate our business to success, by increasing effectiveness and efficiency.

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With Workanizers, we will get tools to simplify the organization as much as possible and extremely speed it up.

Such an organization can support us in everything. And then we can dedicate ourselves to our products, services, and customers. To turn new ideas into reality. To take advantage of market opportunities. To expand the business.

You're sick and tired of having to do everything in the company to improve it. You also realize that if you are not present, the company's activity will slowly decline. No one would appropriately respond to opportunities and threats.

Workanizers can assist everyone in becoming involved and working for the company as if it were their own.

As business owners and managers, we keep correcting the same mistakes over and over again. So on and so forth. There is no time left to move forward.

With the Workanizers organizational platform, you will break that vicious cycle.

They claim they require more time and more hands... Is that correct?

Workanizers will help you simplify and automate routine tasks. You will reduce your working hours while focusing on your growth. You can accomplish more with fewer people.

Yes, there is. You will use Workanizers to create an organizational mechanism in which everyone knows what to do and how to do it. At the same time, you have insight into whether they adhere to the organizational mechanism, which would otherwise be meaningless. Using the rules provided by the mechanism, you will enter an automated, permanent routine of controlling business events in your company.

You have to reduce the number of employees, or you have difficulty finding new ones. You are in a situation where you need to have fewer employees perform the same, even additional work.

Workanizers can help you overcome this situation by optimizing existing tasks and performing them in fewer steps and less time. Employees can also be trained in new tasks faster.

More than 95% of the company's tasks and processes are repeated. You can automate and simplify them with Workanizers, so employees know exactly what, how, and when to do it, increasing productivity and lowering costs.

Workanizers enable the recording and retention of critical knowledge and practices within the system, reducing the risk of losing key players or worse, becoming vulnerable to virtual blackmail by them.

It's time to move forward; there are new opportunities or requirements, but there's a risk of negatively impacting the existing company.

Workanizers allows you to consolidate your current business while also paving the way for its expansion.

Your deputy, professional manager, or perhaps your children?

You may have already tried it but were dissatisfied with the results. You're concerned that no one will run a business like you have, so you need a "clone" of yourself...

With Workanizers, you can structure your company into easily transferable and expandable systems and procedures, allowing your successors to quickly take over and even exceed your expectations.

Do you have a new business idea? Is there another opportunity? Is it time to move on and try something new?

You want to move forward forcefully, but when you consider the headaches of finding people, organization, and implementation, your desire fades.

Workanizers can assist you in getting your new organization up and running quickly and correctly from the start, especially that using it will be much easier and simpler this time.

Any serious buyer or investor will want to purchase a company that will continue to perform well and grow. They would want some assurance that the company will not crumble after you leave.

Workanizers enable you to record and transfer systems and procedures, allowing you to hand over your business without risk to new owners.

Like traffic in a city, we can compare a business organization to a complex network of streets and roads with many participants using them according to certain rules.

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When traffic is well managed, it moves quickly and smoothly.

A good organization entails an infrastructure that allows processes and tasks to be carried out according to the fastest planned routes, effectively realizing business ideas and goals.

On the other hand, poorly designed or incomplete infrastructure, unclear goals, and incomplete rules make it difficult to perform well.

Participants in the company's daily operations (similar to traffic) can take various routes in completing tasks, often deviating from the optimal procedures, resulting in misunderstandings, delays, and unnecessary work that always burden the company's performance and profits.

A poorly optimized business is like a traffic jam: progress is frustratingly slow, nerves are frayed, accidents happen, and there is uncertainty about the outcomes.

The main issue is that no one can accurately see where and why there is a jam from their position. No one has a clear, complete view of the problem because the organization and management involve numerous elements that are constantly interconnected and complex.

Using Workanizers enables the design and implementation of improved workflows…

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From business idea, to employee performance, to satisfied customers, Workanizers to ensure that everything flows smoothly, without errors and problems, without misunderstanding in communication, while keeping employees motivated.

Workanizers help avoid:
• Constant delays in starting and finishing tasks,
• Forgetting tasks or doing them sloppily,
• Repeated errors,
• Indiscipline,
• Lack of commitment and interest in permanently solving problems,
• Lack of self-initiative solving the problems and processes,
• Coworkers intolerance and lack of taking personal responsibility for work
• Reluctance to adapt new methods or taking on new tasks, etc.

Workanizers also help achieve the following results more easily:
• Clearly defined roles and tasks,
• Clear understanding of when and why something is being done,
• Simplified jobs,
• Error prevention,
• Predictable results,
• Improved efficiency,
• Costs reduction,
• Increased sense of accountability and personal responsibility,
• Clear and simplified communication,
• Easier and faster training,
• Business acceleration,
• Simplified and easier management of the business,
• Simpler and faster decision-making, etc.

Imagine if all employees were optimally organized and tasked. They would feel satisfied because of their personal and company's success, resulting in a pleasant and healthy working environment, as well as better utilization of resources.

Workanizers can make it possible for employees to be independent enough, while making the right decisions aligned with the company's goals. This is the essence of the Workanizers organizational platform.

Developing procedures based on best practices enables employees to consistently deliver the desired quality and results, even when working by rote.

Workanizers assists you in properly formulating procedures and linking them to processes in order to ensure consistent results while minimizing the risk of underperformance.

As the company grows, the jobs get more complicated and demanding, leading to inconsistencies and errors in performance.

Workanizers employs tools to streamline processes and procedures, simplifying them and makoing them easier to follow, ensuring the desired outcomes.

Often the best practices of doing business are hidden in the details that only certain individuals know. It is a great value that should be part of company's operations.

Workanizers systematically collects the best practices and incorporates them seamlessly into the workflows, allowing everyone to easily and consistengly provide good results with minimal errors.

Workanizers can be utilized to optimize just parts of the business, e.g. departments, such as Sales, or even to certain projects, such as marketing campaigns that are usually repetitive in nature.

Problems with employee turnover?
Hiring many short-term contractors?

Workanizers dramatically reduce training time by providin on-demand individual training for every position within the company. New employees are brought up-to-speed quickly and in a consistent manner, without taking up time of other members of the team.

Over time, a company's business model can become inefficient, outdated or even absolete, due to ever-chaning marketing conditions.

Workanizers organizational platform helps re-establishing a thriving, competitive business model, allowing for quick reorganization of the enterprise with existing resources.
Re-boot the enterprise and "get back into the game!"

Workanizers provides a platform for generating and the collaboration of all employes on new business ideas and improvements, as well as their implementation into the daily practice.

Burnt out? Need a sick leave? Need to re-think your business? Your life? Have a bucket-list item, go to North Pole, climb Mt. Everest?

With Workanizers implemented in your enterprise, you can! Capture your entire organizational structure, including all the processes and procedures, and rest assured everything will be OK when you come back.

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