Biz Support

Workanizers supplies everything you need to implement and use it independently.

Get additional support. We have three types of support available online, delivered in 5-hour packages.

We know that Workanizers is an arsenal of 15 tools
and how-to guides for managers.

PRO Support

PRO Support is available to help you gain mastery over these powerful tools.

It focuses on quickly adopting software tools and understanding the methodology behind organizing and managing your company. This support is designed to help you self-implement Workanizers tools, but it doesn’t address specific issues and needs of your business.

1 package    ·················   $ 490 FREE

EXPERT Support

EXPERT Support is by your side to assist you in successfully utilizing these tools for your business.

It supports building your basic organizational infrastructure and provides guidance on setting up and managing daily operations.

1 package    ·················   $ 625

Hands-On Support

HANDS-ON Support takes the tools into its own hands and completes the job for you.

In cooperation with you, Hands-On Support Experts can build a basic organizational infrastructure according to your needs and set up managing the company’s daily operations instead of you.

1 package    ·················   $ 990

Long-term Assistance

After the initial implementation, Long-term Assistance is available to monitor the quality of your organizational infrastructure and the overall operational management of the company. 

This assistance provides help locating and solving problems in basic organizational infrastructure and the company’s daily operations management.

1 package    ·················   $ 625

Quick tips for the effective use of Support

  • We should use support only when we genuinely need help
  • Clarify questions and focus on specific issues beforehand
  • Break down and formulate the problem through specific individual queries to avoid “getting general answers and guidelines to a general inquiries”

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